Tuesday, 14 May 2013

WebSite analysis tool With SEO API

This tool give all website analysis with competitors

Overview of this tool:
Analysis Summary: completed analysis and you can use the tabs above to view the results. Below you'll find a summary of the crawl along with which websites were ranked highly for your chosen keywords.

Site Summary:
Site specific statistics which are common to all pages on the site. See how your site compares with the competition for speed and also where each physical server is located.

Site Link Summary:
Statistics relating to the number of incoming links to each site. Results are currently gathered from SEOMoz, Yahoo, Alexa and Majestic SEO.

SEOMoz Statistics:
SEOMoz is a leading SEO Tool provider. Using their own link graph of the web, Open Site Explorer (OSE) and Linkscape provide a wealth of link information for SEO specialists.

Site Ranking:
See how your site "ranks" compared to your competion according to a variety of sources.

Content Analysis:
Compare the content of your site against your competitors. To view the content analysis for each site - click on the thumbnail for the site

Site Indexation:
See how much of your site has been indexed by the maain crawlers, and compare the results with your competition.

Social Networking :
See how your site compares to your competition with regards to social networking. The current version of this tool only monitors Twitter, however future versions will analyse other networks such as Facebook.

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