Saturday, 26 October 2013

Website Hosting & Maintenance

We at IMarks present you a range of scalable superior quality shared web hosting plans and devoted web servers with assistance for multimedia technology, data base, messaging and electronic commerce. Our entire web hosting services comprises of technical assistance and superior quality customer protection. We make use of the best and sophisticated security services, network connectivity, software and components to help your company establishing an efficient and beneficial charisma in the digital marketing era.

Shared Web hosting strategies
We present you a variety of scalable web hosting strategies to put up the necessities of all range of businesses both online and offline. With our shared web hosting strategies we take care of the examining, assistance, facilities and the usage of analyzing of your website.

Shared Web Hosting Plan selection chart
You can scrutinize our entire web hosting plans easily in a whole chart and choose the best plan that matches your expectations.

Dedicated Server hosting
These servers are best for corporate businesses, sites with demanding data base for web applications and for enhancing traffic to the e-commerce sites. We present you best dedicated server hosting solutions.

Dedicated Server hosting selection chart
We present server platforms that deliver superior performances at a reasonable cost, Power web server to the dual processor or Power Web Dual Server.

Dedicated Server Hosting Services
Credibility, accessibility, protection and presentation of your devoted servers are of primary significance to us. We fathom that the reliable information and important web applications which are hosted on our machinery need services that assure protection, confident back up and 24/7 examination.

Dedicated Server Hosting Software
All our administered servers are beforehand installed with the Windows 2003 operating system. We present extra software packages installed and examined on the server for you to enhance its functionality.

Data Center/Connectivity Technology
Our data center partner uses the recent hardware devices and network communication system.

Web Site Maintenance
Website is an important part of the businesses for promoting their customer relationships, procurement, sales, marketing, advertising and distribution. It is mandatory that the organization site is updated with latest information and customized constantly with new softwares and information. We take the accountability for the clients site guaranteeing it will be sustained and protected on a continuous manner.

Content updates
One of the significant features of the web site maintenance is the content changes replicating transformations and expanding of the organization. The latest content in the form of novice products and services, important news articles, useful tips, special offerings will dole out visitors a chance to come back.

For the sites, that need content transformations we can combine the content supervision module permitting the site owners to give in, change and remove the content themselves with out the expertise of hyper text programming language.

Technology and functionality updates
With the help of our comprehensive programmers, copy writers, designers we provide our clients the finest web development and supervised web master services to construct and sustain the technology and functionality updates that your company site requires being in the world of online business.

The web site protection services can be offered on either a required basis or set monthly arrangement. Major changing of the existing sites, comprising social media functionality, sophisticated database capacities, giving e-commerce and other works will be noted independently as required.