Friday, 18 October 2013

To get inbound links, producing viral buzz, brand visibility & traffic

As the organic search engine optimization is, the same way is social media optimization. It is mostly focused on getting inbound links, producing viral buzz, brand visibility and traffic from the sites in the social media. It is a procedure of employing tools and share links on various sites and blogs to allow content, data substitution, content allocation, content voting, tagging and many more. This whole process allows web users to discuss with each other, share their opinions, linking the site and can spread the content to a maximum level by using the site. By allowing the web users or readers to book mark the content and spread it through their favorite tools, they can align themselves with company services and products. This helps them to share the message of the company through various social networking sites.
Social Media
Usually social media is of many kinds. Some of them include video, audio, images and text. There are various kinds of social media tools like user reviews, online forums, wiki’s, podcasts, blogs and many more. The community based web services comprise of content discovery sites, content voting websites, micro blogging, social networks and many more. With the help of social media optimization, higher visibility can be attained on social media searches like book marking sites, content voting and specialty blog search engines like Technocrati. And the content can be often included in podcasts and blogs.
Advantages of Social Media Optimization
Initially helps in increasing the rank in organic search results at Bing, Yahoo and Google by inviting inbound links.
Produces organic website traffic thereby offering substitute traffic resource to Micro soft bing, Yahoo and Google.
Improves relationship with web users, produces viral buzz and increases brand visibility by assisting the huge allocation.
Social Media Optimization Implementation
Social media optimization is one of the easiest ways to be executed. There are various forms of social media optimization like adding RSS feed, links to the company social network profile, saving book marks, posting content, sharing links to DIGG, improvising the website by inputting latest content and inviting the web users to endorse through social networking.
Social media distribution has many ways where the content can be utilized to the maximum levels.
Creating compelling content
One of the successful ways to best social media optimization is the creation of a compelling content that is useful to your focused or community or niche audience. It must be arranged in a manner that can be linked, allocated and passed to others in the social web.
Distribution of content
For a maximum level of content allocation, it has to be presented through Share This widget, RSS feeds, podcast and blog directories, social media links (chicklets), send-to-a-friend link and many more.
Merging of social network
The content that is present in the company website, Twitter, Flickr photostream, You tube channel, linked in accounts must be merged or integrated with the help of Face book connect to Face book fan pages.
Copy writing
A definite copy has to written for the web world. The content has to be crispy and with correct information. It has to attract the readers with bullet headlines and must with hold their interest for a good period of time. Such content when posted in Reddit or Digg will bring you the heavy ranks based on web user voting.
Copy Formatting
In order to make the copy attractive it is just not the flourished content that has to be written also it has to be formatted in an enriching manner by applying various formats. They include bulleted lists, numbered or alphabetical steps and sub heads which improvise the scannability and readability.
Social media optimization services
Our social media optimization and consulting plan comprises a facet appraisal of a potential clients site or blog for the intention of growing a social media optimization implementation strategy.
The social media implementation strategy comprises the following
•   Appraisal of client’s objectives and goals
•   Focusing the determined audience for viral content allocation
•   Assessment of the content in the website
•   Potential to allocate the content in a right manner in entire social media web
•   Determining the blog appearance on various social media networking sites.
•   Engaging the web users in a thorough discussion in the social networking sites
•   Allocation of content through various social networking sites, engaging audience.

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