Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Getting inbound links, producing viral buzz, brand visibility & traffic

We offer inclusive, tailor made mouth promoting services to various advertisers, online marketers, brands wrapping all significant methods which are most utilized and all customer based touch points that drive the interactions and the drone about your company.

Word of Mouth Marketing is a way of promotion where customers are in power and marketers partake to persuade and hasten the message. WOMM is a resultant of Word of Mouth, the ancient form of marketing and promoting, in which common people played an important role by offering right kind of information and right message to others about a particular product. WOM is mainly supported by "evangelists" and "influencers". They have already used the products and services of a particular brand and are satisfied with it. They are motivated to talk good about the products and services both offline and online.

Word of Mouth Marketing Features:
Word of Mouth Marketing is quite different from traditional form of marketing. It is all about how people receive the marketing message and forward it to others and how the interaction takes place about it. It mainly depends on the customer commitment and based on "evangelists" who play an emotional role or "influencers" who have wide knowledge about the product and spread the message.

WOMM Services:
An unfailing WOMM promotion has to be combined with customer service, sales, branding and several other functions within a business organization. It also needs right time and very detailed planning to make it a successful event. We offer Word of Mouth Marketing solutions to various marketers, online advertisers, brands which consist of the following services:

Word of Mouth opportunity assessment:
We at IMarks, in the phase of opportunity evaluation phase target the WOMM opportunity in two ways. Firstly whether to dig a full research in finding novice opportunities, secondly to optimize present movement for a huge WOM force.

Expansion of Plan:
Our professional team of experts carefully analyzes your company aims, objectives, determined group of audience, mainly stressed performance indicators, financial plan and build up complete performance strategy to take your brand in top position. This way it implements promotion goals so that its results can be analyzed carefully when the operation goes other way or is losing its impact.

Marked Audience:
The most important step in planning a word of mouth marketing campaign is the set of determined audience. The indispensable people in the campaign include set of people like evangelists, influencers consumers, friends who pass on the message to others.

Implementation of Campaign:

Initiative and message growth:
In this phase, we develop and focus on campaign goals and inducement which will reverberate with consumers, evangelists, influencers through whom the message can be passed efficiently.

Role of Evangelists and Influencers:
In the next step of WOMM campaign, we choose the right people as Evangelists and Influencers who can assist in diffusing the message of the company and explain the incentives and offers which keep them encouraging and engrossed for a long period of time.

Optimization and Media Strategy:
After analyzing the campaign plan, we develop the content and assess the most effective media platform that can spread the message of your brand using the word of mouth marketing campaign.

Examining the campaign and the results:
Once the WOMM has been started, our expertise uses the effective tools which examines and evaluates your brand, product and services promotion that is being discussed in the targeted communities, evangelists, influencers, consumers and many more. We will thoroughly examine the way the message is passing through different channels, the forces that are spreading WOMM and the overall impact that is being laid in the community.

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