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The initial aspect that can drive you towards the ladder of success

We at IMarks present search engine optimization services that are developed on search engine optimization awareness, proficiency and our method for increasing appropriate seo traffic to the site and conversions that fit in with ROI and SEO performance metrics.

The search engine optimization service comprises of all the crucial components of content development, social SEO, inbound link acquisition, image SEO, video SEO, regular search engine optimization and key word research.

Keyword exploring or research
The initial aspect that can drive you towards the ladder of success in search engine optimization is learning the search words that are served or mostly followed by the determined set of people in the community. We make use of key word research equipment and tools to carry out digging of keywords, searching, examining, assessing and organizing them in a manner so that it fits your search engine optimization project. But with the Google panda update, change in algorithms, social media the key word research has become one of the toughest jobs making a necessity for a latest search of modeling techniques and keyword research.

Organic web search optimization
The classic seo is the recruitment of an arrangement of both off-the-page and on-the-page tricks to enhance the positions of the web pages in the search results of top notch quality search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing with the help of set of keywords. The off-the-page seo is mainly depended in the acquirement of inbound links. The on-the-page seo comprises page code optimization, adding of appropriate search words to the page title, site structural transitions and web pages. A successful search engine optimization campaign can answer in superior placements in the searches and give desired traffic to the site.

Image Search Optimization
When the site images are put for search, they can be seen in the Yahoo, Micro Soft Bing, Google and major search engines web search results. They can appear in video sharing web sites and search listings of vertical images and help in increasing the traffic to the website.

Video Search Optimization (Video SEO)
With the new inventions of various social networking sites, it has become common that online video sharing with the help of these has rapidly become a top notch activity in the social media or in the web world for most of the web users and business corporations. When utilized the service of the video search optimization it can turn in to success formula by boosting video rankings in the organic search results at search engines, enhance brand awareness and user relationship engagement.

Content Development
Content in the website plays a very important role in increasing the brand awareness in the social media. To make this opportunity in to a permanent solution we at IMarks partner with the clients in terms of improvising the quality of the content that is already present in the site. At the same time, we also add some portion of the fresh content with blog marketing and other forms to take the benefit of the content signals developed in the Bing/Yahoo and Google search engine algorithms.

Link Building
The constant achievement of latest inbound links with the help of link building is a significant component in getting superior ranks in the search results and enhancing the site traffic from various search engines.

Social Media Signals
The social media marketing movements of corporations have developed in to mounting significant elements for getting superior rankings in major search engines. The Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Google search ranking algorithms are now utilizing the social media like Google +, Shares, Sends, Facebook likes, Twitter tweets as the best way to learn the rankings of a web page in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization Program
Our fully inclusive search engine optimization program instigates with the progress of SEO plan comprising of search engine optimization tactical strategy, competitive assessment, selection and research of keywords and web site reviews.

SEO website review
The page URLs, HTML coding, site navigation, page construction, site architecture, website textual content can have an important influence on the overall success of seo campaign. In this process, our SEO expertise will review site architecture, navigation, web site content and suggest the transitions that are mandatory to make it simple for crawler-based engines to move forward and put the content of website and focus the appropriate page ranking.

The major factors that call for high rankings and content indexing in the organic search engine results of the top notch search engines are mainly divided in to five aspects. They are
•   Replica content problems/ Domain name problems/ Web server configuration
•   Exterior link status
•   In house link status, site navigation, URL and Site architecture
•   HTML code optimization and Web page construction
•   Keyword optimization of the content or information available in the page

SEO Strategy development and Website Analysis
In the search engine optimization marketing, our aim is only to place the clients web site in the top positions on the organic search results of major search engines that are crawler depended. In the process, we mainly spot out the assessable client aims and goals, select the appropriate target keywords and then change the content in the site to merge it with new keyword phrases. We also keenly observe the link building techniques for mounting the inbound links from famous niche directories, blogs, web sites that generate superior traffic to the site.

The SEO website evaluation and planning development era of the search engine optimization comprises of the following
•   Assessment of the clients aims for increasing the traffic, web site functioning and conversions.
•   Review of feedback, communication, user engagement, visual design, messaging, content
•   In-depth research of a website digital competence in terms of functioning across the
•   Spotting out the phrases that has to be used in the website
•   Building a seo implementation strategy
•   Assess any duplicate content problems, domain name and web server configuration
•   Produce a comprehensive base line description on the present situation of a website
•   Spotting out page conditions and HTML code that may cause search engine
•   Accomplishing HTML code assessment, site navigation, URL structure

Search Engine Optimization Implementation Our procedure comprises of
•   Texting and accomplishment of meta tags and page titles.
•   Building of top notch quality content for search engines and humans
•   Accomplishment of web site architectural transitions, site URL, site navigation
•   Attaching the broken links
•   To get the inbound links from the niche directories and famous websites

Image Search Optimization Our procedure for the image search optimization at Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Google comprises of the following:
•   The photos or picture file naming with keyword rich names and appropriate searches
•   Accomplishment of appropriate keyword rich TITLE attribute details and ALT tags
•   Assignment and texting of keyword optimized photo captions.

Video Search Engine Optimization
When the parent site video is perfectly made and is crawled with the help of social media networking sharing websites and video search engines, then a large amount of traffic is sent to the site at a effective cost.

In order to find the relevant video clips in the present era, most of the web users are making use of video sharing sites, search function within the social networking, video search engines and general purpose search engines. This is creating a major transition in the usage if seo from key text based content optimization to combined media components of a video.

From the accomplishment view, video seo is divided in to two different sections. They are posted video seo and website video seo.

The posted video seo mainly works with making video for the necessities of the online video sharing sites or social networking sites where the video will be hosted.

The website video seo targets mainly on video meta-data optimization and the on-page text optimization of the video resides because most of the video search engine crawlers cant understand from the content of the video what it is about.

Before taking further any step, our SEO professionals build a strategy that explains the video necessities of the social networking sites, video sharing sites and video search engines to which the video will be presented. Since the requirements of every social networking site and search engines are unique this is a significant step in this procedure. The video optimization strategy will comprise of video production requirements, subject of the video, the important keywords that has to be present in the content. To take care of everything we present one Flash format in order to submit the video files of video sharing sites and social networking sites and also three video formats Quick time, Windows media file, Flash while putting the video on a page.

The services of video search optimization comprises of following

Web site video SEO
•   Link building
•   MRSS/RSS feeds
•   Submission and Video XML site map construction
•   In house file video meta data optimization
•   Optimization of video page text with the help of general SEO tricks
•   Optimization of Video file name
•   Planning and research of Video SEO keywords
 *  Posted Video SEO
•   Submitting video files by uploading, keyword tagging, descriptions
•   Optimization of in file video meta data
•   Strategy and research of Video SEO keyword

Search Engine Maintenance program
After the completion of the entire procedure the web pages will be prefaced
The counter business owners enhance their web page rankings in an endeavor to remain unique.
The search engines put down the pages from the search index
The Search engines are continuously transitioning the algorithms they use to know

The Monthly SEM comprises of the following
•   The monthly examination and reporting on the site that is coming to the site
•   Every month a report covering fluctuations in the site traffic, rankings
•   The sustainability of already present links and acquirement of extra
•   Building of extra keyword focused content pages for keywords that are presently not focused
•   Examination of the search engine business activities like new business models

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