Thursday, 25 July 2013

Email Marketing Statistics

  • 80.8% of users report reading email on mobile devices
  • 12% of people use separate work and personal inboxes
  • Over 50% of respondents say they read most of their emails
  • Secrets is the most clicked lead nurturing subject line word
  • Posts and Jobs are the most clicked subject line words
  • Click through rate (CTR) is higher when using the recipients first name in the subject line over no use of the first name
  • CTR is higher when using the recipients company name in the subject line over no company mention
  • 88% prefer to receive HTML emails vs. 12% who prefer plain text from companies
  • 65% prefer emails that contain mostly images vs. 35% who prefer mostly text
  • Your most recent subscribers are the most likely to click through
  • Saturday has the highest CTR at over 9% (Sunday is second just under 9%)
  • 6 AM has the highest CTR of any hour
  • Most unsubscriptions come on Tuesdays (0.52% unsub rate)
  • Clicks by button text: Click Here gets the highest % of clicks over Go and Submit

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