Monday, 3 June 2013

How Mind Mapping Your Niche Could Improve Your Marketing Output

Do you remember being sat at School doing mind maps? Mind maps were great ways of exploring topics, questions, subjects, events, characters and were great indicators of just how vast one simple idea or area could become.
These benefits of mind mapping shouldn’t have just stopped in those distant classroom days, in fact a simple mind map could be exactly what you need to improve your marketing output and start dominating your niche, and here’s why.
Why Should You Mind Map Your Niche?
Mind maps are a great way to plan projects, events and more traditionally assignments, but mind maps could also be of great benefit to your marketing output.
When you consider your subject area be it plumbing, screen printing, fast food or whatever it might be, there is a wide array of topical content within that subject area that can discussed, published and broadcasted across the web.
For instance a branch off of video could be video distribution, which could encompass online and offline distribution, such as DVDs, USB sticks or video sharing sites. From just that one branch you could create an article or eBook on anything from the best DVDs to use for playable video or for storing video data files, to what the benefits are of hosting your video on a social media platform than on a video sharing site.
One branch from your primary subject area could generate reams of marketable content for your website, blog, webinar or conference. By sitting down with your team and thoroughly mind mapping out your niche you can create a multipurpose content marketing schedule that could dictate your marketing output for the entire year!

Mind Maps Create Great Content
The extent and depth you can map out your niche is incredible when you get down to it. The length and breadth of topics and angles you can take on those topics provides you with endless article titles and tips that you can market on and off the web.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks with creating great content worthy of marketing is coming up with an arsenal of marketable content to fuel a consistent and worthwhile marketing output, and mind mapping could be the answer to this problem.
Bloggers, businesses and brands will know all too well that coming up with content for infographics, webinars, videos or for industry conferences isn’t always easy, but by arming yourself with an almost limitless plethora of subjects to discuss and market through mind mapping you’ll never be stuck for remarkable content again.

Mind Maps Improve Social Shares
The extent of your mind maps will in some way reflect the array of keywords online users type into search engines everyday to find specific answers to their questions within your niche.
Typically only a handful of short-tail keywords related to your website, blog, YouTube Channel or social media profile may come up in the search results, and that handful of keywords may not answer the query online users are searching for. However, by creating in-depth content that explores every topic and area of your mind map, you’ll more than likely have created content that actually answers the online users query search.
By becoming one of the rare online sources to go into every possible branch of your niche, your content will be much more sharable to a social audience. Social media users will be grateful for your helpful content and share it with other online users who may have been trying to find a similar answer to their query.
When something is hard to find on the web online users are much more appreciative and ready to share content when they finally find the answer they were looking. If your mind map can truly encompass every possible subject, topic and angle in your niche, then your site will become that valuable and sharable source of information for online users.

Mind Maps Improve Search Engine Optimisation
All that super specific content you create in your niche will undoubtedly be of huge value to your SEO campaigns. Search engines like Google love similar keywords, and by creating great content that uses similar words to your keywords you’ll be vastly improving your SERPs for your main keywords.
For instance the word Film has similar keywords that include cinema, DVD, video, television, festival, premier, preview, trailer and release date. Those similar keywords all leave you with mini mind maps in which to branch off and explore to create exceptional and valuable content to boost your SEO. Not to mention those similar keywords will also have keywords to branch out from as well. The levels of similar keywords and the content you can create for those keywords are almost endless, and the SEO value generated from creating content for those keywords would be limitless.

It’s amazing how a simple idea taught to us from way back in those distant School days can become a powerful marketing tool today. Mind maps are a premise rich in simplicity, and an even richer one in marketing value. Mind maps help to really explore every topic in your niche, and those topics in turn create SEO keyword opportunities to boost your SERPs, and the great content you create for those purposes will see your social shares hit new exciting heights.

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