Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Combine Social Media & SEO to Maximize Your Marketing

Did you know that roughly 46% of Internet users rely on social media when deciding to make a purchase? When current or potential customers enter keywords to find your company, product or service, it’s crucial for your business to show up on the first page of the search results. Developing a strategic marketing plan that combines social media and SEO can help you overcome this growing challenge.
Social media can be used to influence SEO by increasing ranking and building inbound links. I’ve listed five helpful tips that will show you how social media and SEO work together to produce an effective marketing strategy.

1.     Develop an Editorial Calendar.
 Social content is a vital part of your SEO marketing approach. Map out your social media content with an editorial calendar to deliver new and diverse information to your readers.

2.     Create Targeted Messaging.
Not every visitor to your site will be at the same stage in the buying process or share the same demographics. It’s important to engage with your audience to identify their interests and needs, then create and deliver targeted messaging. This will ensure your visitor receives the information they are looking for and is most valuable to them.

 3.     Develop a Keyword Strategy.
Think like a consumer and increase the likelihood of them finding you when searching for your business, product or service. Think of key identifiers your current and potential customers would enter to help you develop a keyword strategy as part of your social media content marketing approach.

 4.     Post Consistent and Shareable Content at Optimal Times.
Search engines consider both the consistency of messaging and social sharing. Active posting, including content and responses, increases engagement and helps to increase rank on search engines. Create content that engages your visitors and also entices them to share your information with others. Consider the timing and frequency of posts to ensure your posts reach your followers at the most appropriate times. When content is posted at optimal times, followers are more likely to be engaged and share your content via social media channels, which furthers your market reach, drives traffic and helps to convert leads into sales.

 5.     Generate Inbound Links.
Create opportunities for other companies to endorse your website by posting a link to your site on their own.  This creates inbound links and looks good to search engines. Social sharing is a great way to increase inbound links especially with Facebook and Twitter. You are not only marketing to your own customer base, but to their followers as well!

Implementing a combined social media and SEO marketing strategy will increase your ranking and social media presence. These tips can help boost your company toward the top of the search results page, increase inbound links and become searchable by leveraging SEO.

Tell us how you use social media to increase your SEO?

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