Monday, 22 April 2013

What is SEO?

Define SEO

Website owners have recognized the value of having their sites on top search engine results long before that made SEO a very big field in the world today. SEO definition stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the use of methods and techniques to improve the visibility of a website. It uses natural means to achieve natural listings on search engines. SEO is money – This is the most common SEO meaning for internet marketers.
The terminology also describes the design of the website, its menus, management systems, videos, images, contents and other elements that should be optimized to achieve exposure on search engines.

Is SEO important?

The website success depends on how you define SEO. A website without visitors is like a product that can’t be sold. To achieve the desired visitors on your website, proper integration of SEO is needed. Remember that the key to achieve visitors is to secure the position of the website on organic search lists.
The percentage of clicks on Google from organic is a dominant 86 percent leaving the 14 percent left for paid search which makes SEO integration vital.

Targets of SEO

SEO may target different kinds of search which includes local search, image search, academic search, new search and industry – specific vertical search engines. These areas are targeted to give the website what is called web preference.

What is the role of SEO in Internet Marketing?

If there is anything that considers how search engine works, it’s SEO. SEO also considers what people search with their actual search terms into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted viewers.

What is involved in SEO?
What does SEO mean in terms of implementing it in a website? It may include editing its content or what is called tweaking. It also involves the method of putting necessary HTML associated coding in order to increase its relevance and to remove indexing barriers. Back link generation is also another SEO method.

What are the categories of SEO?
White Hat SEO – It refers to the use of natural SEO methods to achieve desired results. It is what is referred to as ethical SEO

Black Hat SEO – This type of SEO is also referred to as spamdexing. It uses methods that degrade the search results relevancy. This type of SEO is not for long term as search engines are incessant in looking for websites that integrated forbidden or unethical methods just to rank.

Downside of SEO
Recently that more advance SEO techniques and methods are implemented in order to achieve more favourable results some doesn’t even contain any content to read. The approach of making a unique permalink could be considered a unique content for search engine’s eyes. The bottom of it is that, visitors doesn’t end on what they intended to visit as they are shown the more appropriate and related results.

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